9 essential newsletters for journalists

Are you a journalist looking for tips, tricks and practical tools for your job? Then these e-mail newsletters are just the thing for your inbox.

The  e-mail newsletter is still  one of the most effective ways to reach your target group. In this respect, it is also predestined to provide web workers and other digital professional groups with knowledge and inspiration. Journalists too: We are presenting nine newsletters that writers should subscribe to.

Journalist tools

What kind of tools do journalists need in their everyday work? Which tools, plugins and apps for Windows and Mac are currently popular among media makers? The German-language newsletter Journalist Tools  on the website of the same name provides answers to these questions . It is sent out on the 15th of each month and provides information about contributions from the past four weeks.

Read This Thing

With Read This Thing  , Wall Street Journal author Tim Annett runs a really exciting newsletter for journalists: once a day he recommends a handpicked article of high journalistic quality.


The newsletter from Turi2 , the well-known industry service from Germany, is explicitly aimed at journalists and media makers . Twice a day during the week – at 7 a.m. and 6 p.m., on the weekend around 10 a.m. – the newsletter provides information on developments and personal details from the German media landscape. Subscribers also receive tool tips.

Lousy pennies

At Lousy Pennies , Karsten Lohmeyer thinks about “making money with (good) journalism on the Internet”. If you do not want to visit the website regularly or place it in your feed reader, you can also subscribe to a newsletter. It informs journalists about the latest articles and explains which of the seminars offered by Lohmeyer take place when and where.

DJV newsletter

The German Association of Journalists (DJV) has four newsletters up its sleeve. The DJV-news, which appears once a week, offers an overview of the current weekly topics of the DJV. The education newsletter lists the most important seminars and webinars in the professional field. The Freie Newsletter also provides information on topics for freelance journalists. The quality newsletter provides information about events and documents on the subject of quality journalism.


Behind Emerge is a still young online magazine for photojournalism that brings together multimedia productions and classic documentary series on a joint photo platform. The newsletter primarily offers something for the eye and provides information about new articles published on Emerge.

Daily Digest by Nieman Journalism Lab

The Nieman Journalism Lab is the authority in the industry when it comes to questions about the future of journalism. Journalistic business models are discussed on the platform, such as the use of Slack in everyday editorial work . With the newsletter – which appears once a day – you won’t miss anything from the past 24 hours.

Washington Post must reads

The Washington Post has also been known to a wider audience outside of North America as a journalistic authority since the box office hit “Spotlight”. With its own newsletter , the newspaper delivers the best stories of the week to its subscribers in the inbox every Saturday.


Mediashift is based on an online platform that deals with current trends in journalism and new media technologies. If you want to be informed about it regularly, you can subscribe to several newsletters on different topics (news, courses, analyzes).

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