Local search: These are the most important ranking factors on Google

The SEO service provider Moz has analyzed the most important ranking factors for the local search – and the results allow some conclusions to be drawn about the strategy in connection with local SEO.

The Google My Business entry (GMB) is obviously most important if you want to be present in the Local Pack or in the Local Finder. Although numerous findings in the basic trend could already be observed in this way last year, there is one important difference: Google’s My Business signals have become a lot more important in the last year than before – Moz recorded an increase from 19 to 25 percent. The importance for the Local Pack, ie the first three search results in the SERPs and for the Local Finder, which appears when you click on “More Places”, has increased by 38 percent.

The study also names questions and answers and Google Posts as other top ranking factors, while (as expected) the Google+ connection apparently no longer plays a decisive role. The reviews in the local environment have also become more important – one more reason, also and especially as a local company, to keep an eye on them and, for example, to respond to corresponding entries with (considered!) Answers. The initiators of the study even recommend answering each of the customer’s entries with a suitable reaction, because this not only goes down well with customers, but also gives Google an affinity for the Internet. According to the Moz experts, you can also create questions yourself with the appropriate keywords to be launched, which can bring a lot, especially in the context of semantic search and keyword setting. In addition, moving image content is also beneficial here when it comes to being considered committed and versatile and generating fresh content on a regular basis.

Google Posts can push local searches

Links and recommendations on other sites also remain important, but the presence in pure address directories without added value is apparently continuing to decrease. It is important to ensure that the same information is present everywhere and that it appears on the social media side in the relevant environments. Particular attention should be paid to Google Posts , especially in the local area . According to the Moz Local study, those who are regularly present here also improve their ranking.

However, the use of appropriate keywords also plays an important role in the evaluation, as the study shows. Links, on the other hand, remain an important factor for the rankings. Incorrect information in the entry is considered an absolute SEO killer and negative factor – you should not only fill out a lot of your own company entry if possible in order to be optimally present in the Local Finder, but also update information such as changed opening times yourself. This is not only in the service of the customer, but is also better received by Google than if a customer does it at some point.

The detailed evaluation with positive and negative ranking factors shows a few more details that can help you to be better present in the local search for your own business.

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